JAB HARRY MET SEJAL – Film review (3.5*/5*)

Director of JHMS is imtiaz ali but this film is more funny than his last realese Tamasha and less dramatic than Rockstar and Tamasha.It’s a simple n beautiful movie.

It is a romantic journey of Harry and Sejal from Europe to India, Harry who is a tour guide in Europe met with Sejal where she forced him to help her to find her ring which she lost during  holiday in Europe.     Here story starts and there are many funny moments between sejal n harry,they keep searching the ring and getting closer to each other.

Now u have to watch the film and know how sejal found her ring and what happened finally and how it happened between both of them.

Talking about performances there are only SRK n Anushka everywhere in the film,SRK looked most handsome and stylish in this flick after so many time, the way he speak punjabi it sounds so natural and he is ultimate God of romance even his eyes n body reflects everything when he do intense romantic scenes.

Anushka is just phenomenal as Sejal , the accent of a gujarati girl is superbly portrayed by her its one of her carrier best performance.

Now talking about some loopholes of the movie ,                                                                   Imtiaz lost control in second half,sometimes u feel it’s getting very slower in second half, with proper editing and songs on every 15 to 20 minutes which can be shortened,he lost an opportunity to make very memorable film.

Overall film is beautiful but it can be made more beautiful by taking care on some aspects.

I want to give 3.5 stars out of 5 stars to JHMS.

Watch it for SRK n Anushka chemistry, watching SRK doing romance is treat for viewers so go n enjoy this beautiful romantic ride.

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